babe marley


Marley, a Vixen Jammer, is known for her graceful and speedy footwork on the track. She’s a player who can squeeze through a hole in almost any wall on her edges. She’s got fancy feet! She is a photographer/graphic designer by trade and  a self-taught Special FX artist & costume designer.  She has also recently started a production company with CoCo Puff. Marley’s derby wife is none other than the beautiful Pink Flawd, one of her BFFs on and off the track.  Marley not only plays derby but is an avid indoor, outdoor & ramp skater. Every chance she gets to have skates on her feet, she gladly takes, it's her therapy.

In her words derby (and the Vindicated Vixens) mean: “Derby is a HUGE part of my life.  I am SO unbelievably happy that I decided to join derby again and that I found the Vixens.  I can’t even express what they both mean to me.”