bunni wrench

#BunniLove #HunniBunni

Bunni, a Vixen level one and our resident Head NSO in training has been involved with derby for four years and joined the Vixens two years ago. Bunni is known for her amazing ability to scorekeep and stay calm, cool and collected on the track. Off the track is one of the greatest supporters on the team! She is currently aiming to pass her level one assessment and earn her Non-Skating Official certification (we know she can do both!). If she was able, she would take the time and travel to Japan during Cherry Blossom season and she would most likely have her mom and sisters there as they too could appreciate the culture and beauty. Bunni has the rare ability to be able to touch her nose with her tongue! (I demand to see this!) Her go-to motivational song is “Hate On Me” by Jill Scott.

In her words, derby (and the Vixens) mean “A special group of people who I can’t imagine my life without. It’s hard to put into words, you just gotta know them to understand.”