Death Valley Girl

"Like, oh my God, totally!"

Valley, a Vixen jammer, blocker, and pivot has been involved in roller derby for nearly year. She joined the Vixens as a new challenge, to make new friends and because she loves to roller skate! After practice, Valley’s choice way to relax is by getting tacos with her fellow teammates! (We do love our tacos!) Valley’s favorite derby memory to date is attending a ramp skating lesson taught by Cuban Miss Elle! She’s known for her speed and agility on the track along with a few track cut penalties here and there. During the summer Valley spends her time with friends and family visiting local pubs, enjoying live music and playing in two sand volleyball leagues!

In her words, derby (and the Vindicated Vixens) mean: “I am so happy to have landed with this group of strong, intelligent, warm and fuzzy, badass women! This is the most supportive group of women you will EVER meet!”