Fear, a Vixen blocker, pivot, primary O and super occasional jammer has been with the Vixens for two years. On the track, she is known for communication skills and ability to all-out hit opposing players down and off the track. Fear is also the Vixens' resident chant creator as she has an extensive background as a cheer coach. She would love to visit Greece with her husband. Fear is a talented poet (I’ve read her poems…they’re GREAT!) who also enjoys giving back to our youth and underprivileged by volunteering to teach them sports. Her go-to motivational song is “Dragula” by White Zombie. Give her a credit card and you’ll find it maxed out because she bought cute leggings! When asked who she’d rather be a fan of, the Chicago Cubs or the Chicago White Sox, Fear answered TACOS. (Agreed. Tacos rule!).  On the fence about derby? Well, Fear would like to say that you should “Do it. I promise it will be awesome!”

In her words, derby (and the Vixens) mean: “Family, sisterhood, and a way to get out my frustrations from daily life in a loving environment that also includes hitting.”