hellanor rigby


Rigby, a Vixen level one who is also dabbling in the styles of refereeing and NSOing, joined roller derby as a way to push herself physically, and as a way to surround herself with uplifting and empowering women. She also claims that the “boutfits don’t hurt either!” Rigby is passionate about self-health and investing time in her mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. She is mildly claustrophobic and says that the fear “flares-up” at the weirdest of times. Her greatest strength off the track is her perseverance because she always manages to keep moving forward. Currently, Rigby is working towards recovering from a tibia/fibula break. She’s definitely impatient to get back on skates! She’d also like the derby world to know that she is “derby single and ready to mingle!” Go get her ladies!

In her words derby (and the Vindicated Vixens) mean: ”I wish I could spend more time on derby for sure. I love it. It's my newest obsession!”