knockout jeane


Knockout, a Vixen bench coach and NSO has been involved with derby for 9 years! She joined the sport in order to have a physical outlet for her stress. Not to mention, the gig that pays her bills? Yeah, she’s a molecular biologist! Talk about SMART! Her favorite way to relax after practice is with some nachos! Yum! Currently, she has derby goal of traveling to RollerCon. A fan of the Chicago White Sox and lover of olives with cheese, Knockout has been able to get back on skates after tearing her ACL during a bout. If you’re thinking out joining derby, but you’re stuck on the fence, Knockout would like to tell you “Grab a pair of skates and take the leap!”

In her words derby (and the Vindicated Vixens) mean:  “It means positive role models who embody the fact that strong women are awesome.”