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MEGATRON, a Vixen blocker has been playing derby for three years and is known for her hard hits on the track. (Note: she claimed it was it her ass…while she DOES have a good ass, her hits are better!) Off of the track, MEGATRON is known for her intelligence and humor. Her chosen way to relax after practice is with tacos and margaritas or by sitting on the couch with her dog and cat, and getting a foot massage (always a foot massage MEG, always a massage!) Her favorite food is guacamole and she feels no guilt in consuming it (nor should she!). Meg says she’d like to go on a safari in Africa so that she could experience the culture and animals. According to her, it is “impossible” to pick just one motivational song, but she did recommend “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes.

In her words, derby (and the Vixens) mean: “That even when I’m dreading my job and responsibilities, I have somewhere to go where I can forget ALL of that and focus on just derby. It makes me feel badass, respected, and loved.”