pink flawd


Pink, a Vixen blocker is a self-titled “Domestic Goddess,” aka she is a stay at home mom to three beautiful children. She likes to claim that her greatest strength on the track is the fact that she’s the comic relief, but the Vixens know her for strength in a wall and her willingness to try new things (read: bracing!).  While some of the Vixens go for tacos after practice, Pink and her derby wife Babe Marley can often be found at Wendy’s getting french fries and frosties! Yum! According to her, sleep doesn’t exist, so when she’s not being a mom or at practice, she’s busy playing video games like Fallout or FryCry.

In her words derby (and the Vindicated Vixens) means: ”Life! When I skate, I'm in my happy place. If I miss for a while, my self-esteem starts to show it. I am a happier person when I'm with my derby family!”