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Artoo, a Vixen level one, NSO and first time bench coach has been involved in roller derby for 11 months (12 in May!) and has been loving every minute of her time with the Vixens. She is a giant Star Wars nerd (obviously), along with all things Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, and science fiction/fantasy in general. While Artoo has yet to find a derby wife, she is lucky to have two derby moms, one derby dad and a one derby step-mom! Fearleader, Moxie Roxxtar, Hot Rod and Babe Marley respectively. During the autumn months, Artoo works as an actress in a local haunted house, so it’s safe to say she enjoys the spooky life! Her favorite way to relax after practice is by going out for tacos with her teammates. Currently Artoo is aiming to pass her level one assessments so that she can start learning how to hit people!

In her words, derby (and the Vixens) mean: “Strength, Empowerment, Passion, Compassion, Dedication, Drive, Encouragement, Support, Laughter and Family.”