tequila rose


Tequila, a Vixen blocker is known for fearlessness. She isn’t afraid to fall, take a hit or be used to hit. She’s developing herself and letting out her “aggressive” player! Off the track, Tequila is a social butterfly and can make friends with just about anyone! Her favorite way to relax is by drinking a few cold beers and then taking a nice long hot shower.  Her greatest derby memory is receiving the news that she had finally passed her level one assessment after three tries. Today, Tequila just recently passed her level three assessments! (Way to go girl!) Give her a credit card and she says she’ll max it out by shopping at Victoria’s Secret (imagine all the cute bras!) The easiest way to Tequila’s heart? Give her a Heath candy bar, they’re her guilty pleasure food!

In her words, derby (and the Vixens) mean:  “Love. I love that all the girls are so different, but yet we click so well. I’m so glad I joined derby.  I am definitely having a blast.”