The Crimson Vixen


Crimson, a Vixen jammer, pivot, and blocker has been involved in derby for five years! On the track, Crimson is known for her strategic mind and a body that's able to take hits. According to her, she can’t pick just one Vixen as a derby wife because “I’m in love with them all!” (We love you too Crimson!)

Her favorite derby memory is when the Vixens bouted for the first time last season and her current derby goal is to have a great time at their first bout of the 2018 season! Crimson says that her greatest derby achievements to date are when she once scored over 20 points in one jam and when she successfully jumped the apex during an actual bout. When she isn’t in school or at derby, Crimson is busy lifting weights, reading books, and playing video and tabletop games! Additionally, Crimson can shoot a basketball (nothing but net!) from the three point line all while wearing four–inch heels!

In her words, derby (and the Vixens) mean: “Acceptance, encouragement, empowerment, compassion. Derby can introduce you to so many people, places, and things you'd never experience otherwise, and I'm grateful to it every day.”