violent beauregarde


Violent, a Vixen blocker, previously participated in Derby Lite prior to joining VVRD back in September 2016. When asked “why” in regards to her derby name, Violent says it’s because of her love of Willy Wonka. Violet Beauregarde is the gum chewing girl who turns into a blueberry. Luckily our Violent has yet to turn into anything aside from a kick-ass teammate who continuously improves at holding the opposing Jammer back! Violent is the team’s resident sweets baker and her treats are DELICIOUS, but did you know that she can also create balloon animals? When asked the typical Chicago question, Sox or Cubs, Violent, like many other Vixens, chose TACOS.

In her words derby (and the Vindicated Vixens) mean: “Playing derby and being part of the Vixens has made me realize I'm physically capable of more than I knew, which has been a huge deal for me. I don't think I would have come to that realization without this wonderful group of compassionate, supportive, bad-ass women, so I am forever grateful and hope to continue being part of it for a long time!”